by Ed Lane

                             Five Objectives in Life


Depending on others when we are in need

With a cry and nothing to say

To learn what we are expected to do

And choosing our way

On our way to perfection

Doing what is right we pray

Long seems our journey and direction

But not long do we have to stay

When we die in the arms of our Saviour

Is where we want to lay


A Shield



A shield that comes from on high

Placed around us for our heavenly try

A shield around any that trust

In the Savior that was sent for us

A shield that will not let us be exposed

 to the destruction of our foe's

But will keep us in the path we purpose

When our love is strong for Him that arouse

A shield that may not be seen with the human eye

But when once felt, we can never deny

That there is a shield around any that want protection

From the force of evil that come in their direction

A shield that carries us through our earthly roll

And into His eternal fold.

  by  E.A.Lane


                                                Everlasting Home


Obeying our superior’s without a moan

Trying for success where ever we roam

Fulfilling obligations of our own

Showing our love for others, not casting stones

Remembering who is watching from His throne

To Him we offer our actions in atone

Keeping ourselves spiritually strong

Our destination, everlasting home




A man that has choose his way

    To help others every hour of the day

Setting an example with a few words to say

    Obey our Savior’s teachings without delay

Discouraging me from doing evil and fray

    Bolstering me with good principles in my work and play

Teaching me what is right and how to pray

    That when I pass, in that promise land I go to stay

I thank Thee for my pastor that I may not go astray


                                        A Church


In the year thirty three A.D., by Jesus Christ a church was built

When evil was so vigorously, all men was with guilt

That all may learn right from wrong

As we can only help the weak if we are strong

If we obey what His Pastors teach

Love for others will come within our reach

By honoring God, as we spiritually grow

A promise was given by Him for us

That in the Church He built to overpower sin

To whom He will raise in the end

A beautiful Church in this world of strife

To them that diligent serve will gain everlasting life




As a child he did not know

But very little of his existence

What he would do or where he would go

Hunger made him persistence

And help from others made him grow

Soon he was resistance

To treatment of childhood low

Expansion in knowledge and assistance

Started his life to glow

Love for others and not too distance

Gave him facts of his part of the show

He played it without disturbance

As time went on and the rivers never ceased to flow

His journey was distinguish

The parting was a blow

A life lived like him made him believe and relinquish

All he could for a promise he wanted so


                                                           Around Me


Around me is life so sweet

As death adds to the roll

Around me beauty so neat

Even with destruction taking its toll

Around me is happiness overcoming defeat

To off set the sadness that unfolds

Around me is Christians with a faith that can’t be beat

With unbelievers so bold

Around me is people joining the fleet

Praying there names to be on the scroll

Around me Saints on hi-ways, byways and streets

With charity and love that protect their soul

Around me is objects bless, making it easy to retreat 

Facing all of us, young and old

Around me is Churches with Pastors that teach

Bear the cross that you don’t leave the fold

Around me is the Master watching from the highest seat

To whom that trust will make them whole




God is almighty and so great

That if you don’t love him

You better not wait

He sent His Son to this world for all of them

That wants a chance, before it is too late

With the sins of our soul, we may not be dammed

And can repent of our fate

Where our cross can be exchanged for a crown

When we go through His pearly gates

His chosen, He will raise; all evil will be down

The Heavenly place is happiness and no hate

Hell is where you are lost and will never be found

Eternally doomed and Satan for your mate                             

A place that would frighten anyone of this earthly ground

With just one glimpse of that estate

The gamble is ours tho we are not bound

To escape this place we could designate


                                              On Day


Millions of people awake with the day light

Many start the day with a prayer

Others just get ready for the day’s sight

Some think that life is unfair

Few wonder if there be another night

Dressing their bodies and combing their hair

Eating and drinking to build up their might

They move in all directions, land, sea and air

To school work and play most with delight

After money and success some don’t care

Many are orderly yet some fight

Headlines being made with and without fear

Some not mentioned, some hiding in flight

Then the sun begins to set in the clear

Staying at home or off to the socials sober and tight

To wind up the day so dear

Most think what they are doing is alright

Christians are asking God and hoping He will hear

That one day He will make all darkness bright


                        To Be A Man


To be a man of definition I assume

   A desire I would like to obtain

Success is more difficult than one may presume

     The road is open, no need to abstain

The steps are wider than many span

     His try must be in perfect action

He proceeds with a plan

     Forward on in maxim

Cope with his rival’s in properness for the task

Away on the marvelous test

Not hiding behind a mask

     Remembering the partake of the rest

High in society or concealed rank

     Letting the marks of a man rate first place

Not getting to engulfed to think

     Where the goal in reality is not a waste


To be a man of definition I assume

     Shows his qualities best

As a beautiful flower in full bloom

     Thankful for what he has with bless

Lets all know where he stands

     Not complaining of things deprived of

Giving any in need a hand

     Replacing hate with love

When confronted wrong repels as a tup

     Keeping conscious of what he expects to do

Time is measured from start to retreat

     To him it appears there is no end

When he is after the things that makes a man complete

     He has to work for perfection, it is easy to sin


To be a man of definition I assume

     Shows his charter by his acts

Believes in life beyond the tomb

     Seeking and holding on to the facts

To whom does his part will live for ever.


                                                         Lady in Blue


Oh, My lady in blue said

She loves me true

My lady in black

Told me to come back

But my lady in red

Said she wish I was dead

Oh, My lady in blue said

She loves me true

My lady in yellow

Told me I could be her fellow

But my lady in brown

Told me to leave town

       (I would have to)

Oh, my lady in blue said

She loves me true

My lady in white

Said I was a delight

But my lady in green

Said I beat all she even seen

Oh, my lady in blue

Said she love me true

My lady in black

Told me to come back

But my lady in red

Said she wish I were dead

Oh my lady in blue

Said she love me true

By Ed Lane


Welcome Home by Grandpa    (Edward Lane)


When I was a boy

I wanted to travel

To see other thing

That I would hear off

And do things different

It sound so good

So I saved up $6.00

My first stop cost 1.00

 To where I wanted to

Go cost 10.

I was at my uncle’s

They wanted to know

Where I was going

And by now my folks

wanted to know where

I was at – it was

Getting lonesome

And my uncle advised

Me to write my dad

To come get me

I did & he did


I had a grandson and granddaughter

They were restless & thought that

Things at home were not so good

It seemed to me everything was right

And all of ½ minute one was

California & the other across the ocean.

I wondered how long it would

Before I could see them again

Very few letters and time went on

Then it happened one came home

Seemed the other would stay longer

Then it happened again, the other

Came home. Welcome Home.

Now I hope they was just like

Me – a little top’se turvy at

Home but no place like Home


Welcome Home Chris & Chrissy



       Oh Mary my Mother

Song by Ed Lane


Oh, Mary my Mother in heaven

How dear you are to me.

You guide me to Jesus, my Saviour

And with him is where I want to be.



      The poem "Thinking of You" was found in (Christina Budai Lane) Mom’s purse.