WWII  95th Div, 377th Inf. Regt.


        “A Replacement Soldier” Born to Face Hitler’s Army by Ed Lane

                This book was written by my Dad. He did not like to talk about the war. We did not press him much on it.

          He finished the book in 1986. We did not find it until after he pass away in Nov 2008.

It deals with his personal thoughts and feeling. He seemed to still avoid speaking of the blood and guts graphics. We almost tossed it and some of the poems out. They were mixed in with a box of his old useless business papers, about ¾ ways down to the bottom. He talked to us about his friend Richard Ortega. They had agreed to visit the wife and kid if anything happened to one or the other. No mention was remembered about Bill Davidson, just the photo. He also carried a photo of our mother Christina Budai.



                  Ed Lane

                  Christina Budai

                  Richard Ortega

                  Bill Davidson

                                                        “A Replacement Soldier”