Budai History



          Photos of 1855-George Budai and children..

        Ancestory history for Budai available back to 1831.


My Aunt Lucille Brown did most of the genealogy research for the Budai’s. I became interested in the old photos and connected them to the genealogy. I think that people should be able to view their ancestory history, so

          I try to make it as free as possible by hosting it on my web page. Sometime I may have to charge for supplies to make

          a CD or print photos.

                   If you have any additional Photos or family history and would like to share it, please contact me.


          Contact: Ed Lane


1855-George Budai


1882-Agnes Budai


1883-Steve Budai


1886-Dan Budai


1888-Ester Budai


1892-Ellis Budai


           For more detailed information –

dates & places of birth, death, marriage, etc.

More photos and CDs.

Also personalized CD.



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