1904 Julia Christine Levay


        Julia Christine LEVAY  was born  on 27 Nov 1904 in Center, Shelby, Texas. She died  on 2 May 1983 in Reno, Nevada.

        She was buried on 4 May 1983 in Reno, Nevada.


BIRTH/MARR/DEATH: Information provided by Lucille Budai Brown on FGR.

died Washoe Medical Center, buried Mountain Vie Mausoleum.


A copy of a bible inscription in the possession of DF Johnson and Lucille Budai Brown lists the following:

Levay Illis born 1877 Feb 13

Szenasi Maria born 1883 Nov 7

Married 1900 Jan 8

Levay Ilena born 1900 Dec 1 Ennis Tex

Levay Laslo born 1902 Sep 6  Ennis Tex

Levay Julia born 1904 Nov 21 Center Tex (note the second digit in 21 is written as a european one

instead as a european seven)

Levay Mariska born 1908 July 18 Jackboro. Tex

Levay Irenka born 1911 May 1

(meg hals) 1911 May 21 Ennis Tex (meaning she died)

Levay Barbara born 1913 Dec 1 Ennis Tex


Julia married  Carl Louis DIEGEL   on 31 Oct 1925 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Carl was born  on 5 Sep 1903 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.

He died  on 3 Sep 1978 in Reno, Nevada. He was buried  on 5 Sep 1978 in Reno, Nevada.


MARR/DEATH: Provided by Lucille Budai Brown on FGR

Buried in Mountain View Mus.

Parents: Henry A. Diegel and Ellen Kinney.




              Brown, Lucile Budai, Family Records:  Brown, Lucile Budai, Unpublished, FGR from the Family, Lucille Budai BROWN, 3004 Winfield Dr., Corsicana, TX, 75110.  Family Group Records provided by the families.


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