1918 Benjamin Franklin Vaughn Jr. Descendants


Photos of 1918 Benjamin Franklin Vaughn Jr. and children.

                Ancestry history for Vaughn available back to 1800.


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                                                                 (Family  PHOTOS )

2. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, JR. VAUGHN (b.1918;d.1977)

     sp: MARY ELIZABETH LANGHAM (b.1924;d.2000)

            3. KATHERINE VAUGHN (b.1948)

                sp: GARY WAYNE AARON

                        4. DIANA AARON

                            sp: UNKNOWN

                                    5. JESSICA

                                        sp: A. B.

                                                6. TABITHA

                                                6. AREIL

                                    5. DIANA

                        4. GARY WAYNE JR. AARON

                            sp: JACKIE

                                    5. ANTHONY AARON

                                    5. JOSHUA AARON

                                    5. MATTHEW AARON

            3. BENNY RALPH VAUGHN (b.1950)

                sp: MARJORIE L. DENNIS (b.1954)

                        4. KRISTA MELISSA VAUGHN (b.1980)

                             sp: BOBBY R. BYEE

                                    5. EMILEE BYEE (b.1997)

                                    5. ERIN BYEE (b.2001)

                        4. PHILLIP VAUGHN (b.1983)

            3. DORIS JEAN VAUGHN (b.1953)

                sp: UNKNOWN MADDOCK

                sp: PAULINE NUNN (b.1918)


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