1903 Mary Ann Marie Vaughn


        MARY MARIE "ANN" VAUGHN was born on 13 Nov 1903 in ENNIS, ELLIS CO., TX,., USA. She died on 3 Nov 1994 in ATHENS, HENDERSON CO., TX USA. She was buried in Nov 1994 in YOUNGER CEM., NAVARRO CO., TX USA.

MARY married AARON MATTHEW LANE on 21 Aug 1921 in NAVARRO CO., TX., U.S.A.. The marriage ended in divorce.

AARON was born on 18 Jan 1904 in ITALY, ELLIS CO., TX.,U.S.A.. He died on 22 Feb 1983 in CORSICANA, NAVARR0 CO., TX., U.S.A..

 He was buried on 24 Feb 1983 in YOUNGER CEM., NAVARRO CO., TX., U.S.A.










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